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By Kathleen A. Ireland

Doctors can be capable of attach the technological know-how of biology to their very own lives during the gorgeous visuals in Visualising Human Biology. the real techniques of human biology are awarded as they relate to the area we are living in. The function of the human within the surroundings is under pressure all through, making sure that subject matters corresponding to evolution, ecology, and chemistry are brought in a non-threatening and logical model. Illustrations and visualisation positive aspects are assist in making the innovations more uncomplicated to appreciate. doctors will enjoy this visible and concise technique.

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Using the characteristics of life listed in the beginning of this chapter, argue that either pet is alive. Explain why the other pet is not alive. 2. When considering the increasing complexity of atoms, molecules, cells, and tissues, you may notice that each step has characteristics that were absent in the previous level. These characteristics, called emergent properties, demonstrate that the whole organism is more than the sum of its individual parts. Consider the heart, an organ with a variety of tissues.

2 The Endocrine Glands Secrete Directly into the Bloodstream ■ I WONDER... Can I Figure Out My Own Basal Metabolic Rate? ■ WHAT A SCIENTIST SEES: Anti-Aging Products: Help or Hoax? 3 Development Takes Us from Infancy to Adulthood ■ HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND DISEASE: Ah, to Be Young Again… ■ ETHICS AND ISSUES: Has Your Endocrine System Been Disrupted Today? 2 The Male Reproductive System Produces, Stores, and Delivers Sperm ■ I WONDER... Why Are Circumcisions Performed? 3 The Female Reproductive System Produces and Nourishes Eggs ■ I WONDER...

For example, our hypothesis is that the rooster’s crow causes the sun to rise within the next 20 minutes. How could we test this 10 0 Alive rooster Dead rooster COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE Share new knowledge with other scientists. The sun rises even if no rooster crows. 12 cHaPTer 1 What is Life? indd 12 9/6/10 3:47 PM for one month will cause measurable tightening of the hypothesis? ” Now we restate the hynight, and wait 20 minutes for a glow on the eastern pothesis as an “if, then” statement: “If the cream does horizon?

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