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E. January and February in the frigid zone. The basal metabolic rate, the body temperature, and body weight presented chronological variations related with changes of local climate they passed through. 56 POLAR HUMAN BIOLOGY When the basal metabolic rate per m2 per hour is plotted against the atmospheric temperature where the subjects lived, a close cor­ relation is obtained as shown in Fig. 3. The lines in the figure are those obtained by Oshiba (1957) with Japanese living in Japan who showed a seasonal variation of basal metabolic rate.

Training of the human organism to achieve greater resistance can include a number of different exercises. Regular preliminary training in a low pressure chamber, or as a simple alternative, breathing various gas mixtures from a Douglas Bag, diminishes the development of altitude distress and makes the period of initial adaptation easier. Rational medical procedures can help to prevent negative adaptive reactions by normal­ ising neuro-psychic and somatic reactions during acclimatization. Considerable attention should be paid to physical exercise during the winter months, when physical activity is diminished and which may be considered as a period of hypodynamics.

Boag, T . , Boag, L. , Delahaye, J. , Green, J. , Hatcher, J. D . and Page, J. (1954). T h e circulation in cold acclimatization. Circulation, 9, 813-822. AUSTRALIAN PHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCH 39 Budd, G. M. (1962). Acclimatization to cold in Antarctica as shown by rectal temperature response to a standard cold stress. Nature, Lond. 193, 886. Budd, G. M . (1964). General acclimatization to cold in men studied before, during and after a year in Antarctica. AN ARE Report No. 70. Melbourne: Antarctic Division, Department of External Affairs.

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