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This examine explores the German philosopher's reaction to the highbrow debates sparked via the e-book of Charles Darwin's foundation of Species. through interpreting the abundance of organic metaphors in Nietzsche's writings, Gregory Moore questions his contemporary recognition as an eminently subversive and publish smooth philosopher. The publication analyzes key issues of Nietzsche's thought--his critique of morality, his philosophy of artwork and the Übermensch--in the sunshine of the idea of evolution, the nineteenth-century feel of decadence and the increase of anti-Semitism.

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For while higher forms evolve, they do not – and cannot – maintain or perpetuate themselves; only the ‘type’ is heritable. What is more, their existence is more precarious than that of the herd. Like the genius or the ‘Caesar’ in human evolution, they represent a brief, ephemeral flowering; as a result, the ‘level of the species is not raised’ (VIII 3, 14[133]). On the other hand, Nietzsche envisages slow, regular progress towards morphological stability in the herd, that is, in the greater mass of weaker, yet more fecund and durable organisms.

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