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The sides of the tongue are against the sides of the hard palate. The soft palate is raised. The pressure of air builds up and, when the tongue tip is lowered suddenly from the alveolar ridge, the air rushes out. The sound is voiceless. The sound is / /. 3 This pair of sounds is made with the tongue tip near the back of the alveolar ridge, higher than for /s, z/. The soft palate is raised so that the air goes out through the mouth. They are continuants. They are / / and / /. 4 This sound is made with the back of the tongue against the soft palate.

Some learners (including infant native speakers) might say /qbrikn/ for green, /sbkdl/ for school, /felbm/ for film, /pblikz/ for please and so on. g. 5 Vowel sequences Vowels can also occur in ‘clusters’. When /b/ follows a diphthong, the resulting sequence is sometimes called a triphthong. 1 Linking When one word ends in a vowel and the next word begins with a vowel, linking often occurs. g. may I /meejae/, how about /hadwbbadt/, saw enough /sakrbncf/. A rule to follow is that if the first word of a pair ends in one of /ik, e, ee, ae, ae/, add /j/; if the first word of a pair ends in one of /uk, bd, ad/, add /w/; if there is a letter r at the end of the first word or the sound /ak/, then /r/ is sounded between the words.

When I get 4home, I’ll have a 4shower. In English, the nuclear stress typically comes near the end of a sentence. The reason for this may be because new (unpredictable) information often comes at the end of a sentence. Extra stress for new information helps protect this information from being masked by irrelevant environmental ‘noise’. In Sentence 4 above, it could be argued that newspapers is not entirely predictable. , and it is appropriate that it gets the strongest sentence stress to help ensure that the intended word is heard by listeners.

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