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By James Axler

Out of the ruins of a nuclear-ravaged the USA emerges a band or warriors, who fight opposed to a mutant tyrant bent on human sacrifice to discover a greater existence within the Deathlands.

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Ryan had also taken the chance to wash himself from top to toe, making sure that his weapons were dry and ready to hand on a sun-warmed boulder. He'd gotten out first, stretching luxuriantly by his blaster and panga to dry himself. Dean had stayed in longer, constantly ducking himself and scrubbing at his skin with sparkling handfuls of icy water. As the boy was getting out, his skinny body shivering, he suddenly stopped, knee-deep, hands going to his face, shoulders trembling. " Ryan stood. " His voice was barely audible above the rumbling sound of the white water rushing through the deep gorge.

Sure, then" He paused, shading his eyes as he stared across the plain from the high ground. " Dean sniffed. "Yeah. You can actually smell it. " The column of dark smoke rose and curled high above the desert until it vanished. It came from the direction of Jak and Christina Lauren's home. Ryan felt his heart shrink into cold marble. "Come on, Dean," he said quietly. " BEHIND THEM in the redoubt's heart, the walls of the silvery armaglass that formed the gateway chamber were beginning to fill with a pallid mist, and the disks in floor and ceiling were starting to glow.

The deer had been drinking from the pool, long neck arched. Now it had stopped, head lifted, brown eyes open wide. Ryan started to stand, when his eye caught the flicker of movement. There, in a pool of spilled sunlight at the edge of the clearing, death stood poised and waiting. Chapter Eight Ryan's mind flashed back to the redoubt that he'd visited only a few days ago, to the row of machines that he'd seen in a dim, dusty hall Five humanoid robots, standing patiently, legs slightly bent at the knees, arms dangling at their sides.

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