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By Michael Bell

D. H. Lawrence as soon as wrote that 'we don't have any language for the feelings'. The comment testifies to the fight in his novels to precise his subtle figuring out of the character of being during the intransigent medium of language. Michael Bell argues that Lawrence's retro prestige stems from a failure to understand inside his casual expression the character and complexity of his ontological imaginative and prescient. He strains the evolution of the fight for its articulation throughout the novels, and appears on the method during which Lawrence himself made it a wide awake subject in his writing. Embracing during this argument Lawrence's mess ups as a author, his rhetorical stridency and likewise his primitivist extremism, Michael Bell creates a robust and clean experience of his real significance as a novelist.

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Even this last passage, expressing her recognition, presents it in the incipiently idealised image of the world's heart; an image which partly recuperates this impersonal life to human terms and reduces it to fantasy. The impersonal 'heart' is already being translated into personal 'soul'. More subtly than Cyril, she also fails to apprehend the Being of the world. If a conventional model of female feeling is the sublimative swooning of popular romance, then the male equivalent is the assertive, perhaps brutal, power most notably expressed in certain forms of pornography.

They are essentially created not by the external locations so much as by the emotional condition of the characters concerned. When, for ex­ ample, Siegmund returns home, his reactions are to specifically detailed domestic and physical circumstances but his responses are not offered as being wholly explicable in such terms. The explanation is in the first in­ stance a subjective one: All this unnatural excitement, all the poetic stimulation of the past few days had vanished . He sat flaccid, while his life struggled slowly through him .

And, of course, his almost complete inarticulacy with regard to the intellectual and introspective realms effectively protects him from being anything other than a warm medium for the narration. Lawrence has more complex purposes in his story-telling but these purposes are ultimately underwritten by his capacity for a comparable absorption, his freedom from self, in the face of other beings. Precisely because he is not an articulate man generally, Morel points us to a value often obscured by the complex ambitions of Lawrence's mature fiction.

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