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By Sarah Kember

Cyberfeminism and synthetic lifestyles examines the development, manipulation and re-definition of existence in modern technoscientific tradition. It takes a severe political view of the concept that of existence as info, tracing this throughout the new biology and the discourse of genomics in addition to in the course of the altering self-discipline of synthetic existence and its manifestation in artwork, language, literature, trade and leisure. From cloning to desktop video games, and incorporating an research of undefined, software program and 'wetware', Sarah Kember extends present figuring out by means of demonstrating the ways that this rather marginal box connects with, and connects up worldwide networks of data systems.Ultimately, this publication goals to re-focus challenge at the ethics instead of at the 'nature' of life-as-it-could-be.

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3 Not only did his theory of evolution by natural selection bear ‘an uncanny resemblance to the political economic theory of early capitalism’ (10) but his theory of sexual selection reflected the gender relations established in a Victorian patriarchal society where ‘the chief force is the competition among males to be more appealing to discriminating females’ (10). Lewontin maintains that the rise of industrial capitalism produced a new view of society ‘in which the individual is primary and independent, a kind of autonomous social atom that can move from place to place and role to role’ (11).

Sociobiology solves the riddle of the chicken and egg by indicating that ‘the organism is only DNA’s way of making more DNA’ (3). The ‘morality’ of the gene lies in its ability to determine the right mixture of selfishness and (instrumental) altruism in the organism.

They articulate a boundary: ‘an interior not visible to outsiders, the demarcation of a separate domain, a sphere of autonomous power’ (40). What is more, life has traditionally been seen as a secret kept by women from men. The concept of life which Keller employs is one of creation, or more properly reproduction: ‘By virtue of their ability to bear children, it is women who have been perceived as holding the secret of life’ (40). And, due to the historical identification of women with nature ‘it is a short step from the secrets of women to the secrets of nature’ (40).

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