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By Tatiana Safonova

Companionship and pokazukha: versatile and good parts of Evenki tradition --
Pokazukha in public existence: the Bugarikta apartment of tradition --
Manakan and Andaki: gender differences and private autonomy between Evenki --
Evenki humans and their canines: speaking by way of sharing contexts --
Hunting: ethos and variation between Evenki and Buryats --
Perpetual outsiders: neighborhood chinese language ethos in Baikal area --
Evenki land and jogging brain.

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It became a kind of duty to film the tasks of the day and to show a sort of newsreel to those who could not participate. We once caught ourselves censoring episodes from the recordings that risked arousing conflicts. We realised we had started filming not for ourselves but for our informants, and at that moment we had to decide to whom these recordings belonged. From this point forward we stopped showing our materials to our hosts. Overview of Chapters The chapters of this book appear in the order that they were written.

Each family had brought a collection of offerings – milk, tea, vodka, sweets, and cigarettes – creating an impression of abundance. These things were gathered together, sorted, and distributed among the participants. Women took ribbons – symbolising each family – and tied them to the branches of sacred trees decorated with a bell and the iron mask of the ancestor shaman. Irgichi and his three helpers seemed to play an equal role in these preparations. They then prayed, giving offerings of milk, tea and vodka by splashing them on the ground.

In this section we discuss a situation in which Evenki companionship was impeded, first by incorporation into Buryat hierarchical structures, and second by a natural obstacle that obstructed their movement and prevented them from participating in the shared tasks that constitute companionship. The behaviours that occurred in this situation reveal much about how Evenki strive to maintain a sense of autonomy and equality within the frames of both companionship and pokazukha. Annually, the Buryats who live on Evenki land commission the springtime ritual mikhulain tayilgan (Buryat, ‘at the sound of the first cuckoo’) to pray for water.

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