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By Ciaran Benson

Philosophers and psychologists either examine the self, yet usually in isolation from each other. this booklet brings jointly stories by means of philosophers and psychologists in an exploration of the self and its functionality. will probably be of curiosity to all these focused on philosophy, psychology and sociology.

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5 For a fuller discussion see C. Benson, The Absorbed Self: Pragmatism, Psychology and Aesthetic Experience, London, Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1993, Chapter 3. 6 M. Donaldson, Human Minds: An Exploration, London, Allen Lane The Penguin Press, 1992, Chapter 3. Jerome Kagan writes that ‘There is no evidence requiring the positing of a concept of self before the middle of the second year. ’ in M. Ferrari and R. J. Sternberg (eds), SelfAwareness: Its Nature and Development, New York, The Guilford Press, 1998, p.

20 Here we have one of the most historically awful examples of a root metaphor describing an entire race of people. The shift into the metaphor of disease carries with it by association forms of remedy appropriate to disease, namely quarantine and eradication. If language creates ideas which can be realised, among these realities are formulae for action, for dealing with the realities created by the particular descriptions. Just as a whole people can be lethally imaged so too can individual persons, both by themselves and by other people.

9 For instance, the source of the conviction that as conscious subjects we are located a few inches behind our eyes may be related to our registrations of gravity. Stein wonders whether all the different spatial metrics are reduced to a common coordinate system centred on a point 34 T H E B R A I N ’ S WO R K I N L O C AT I N G S E LV E S midway between the eyes, and often called the egocentre. He writes that ‘personal space’ is that occupied by our own body. Its coordinates are defined by the body’s orientation with respect to gravity, and the position of our heads and limbs.

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