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Quick song path to making innovation happenCovers the major elements of cultures that actively stimulate and inspire innovation and creativity, from suggestion iteration and assessment to the 5 key motivators and the 5 key enablers that make sure that nice principles come to fruitionExamples and classes from a few of the world's so much artistic companies, together with Goldman Sachs and 3M, and concepts from the neatest thinkers, together with Arthur Koestler, James Christiansen and Edward de BonoIncludes a thesaurus of key options and a entire assets consultant

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Before you rush to judgment, pause for a while and try it. As we saw in Chapter 2, many organizations do not formally evaluate ideas until a business case is tabled. But long before resources are committed to creating a business case for any particular idea, all 36 CREATING AN INNOVATIVE CULTURE sorts of informal evaluative processes have been invoked to eliminate the ideas that never come close to being the subject of business cases. How does this take place? In many organizations, it is either a question of power (only the boss’s ideas get any daylight), or a modern-day equivalent of the medieval process of trial by ordeal – by definition, any idea (other than one of mine) is wrong, and the burden of proof is on the originator of the idea to prove it is ‘‘right,’’ against all opposition.

It would make life easy if the difference between innovative and uninnovative organizations could be boiled down to one or two key factors along the lines ‘‘Innovative organizations do X and Y, and uninnovative organizations don’t. ’’ Unfortunately – and as I’m sure you expect – life is more complex than that: the difference between the two types of organization isn’t attributable to just a few characteristics, rather: HOW TO MAKE INNOVATION HAPPEN To make innovation happen, you need two big things, and lots of little things.

This viewpoint is constructive and positive, rather than destructive and adversarial, and the difference between these stances is both profound and important. As with the yellow hat, you won’t be starting this process cold: much good information will be available from the work you did in answering the second and third ‘‘sieve’’ questions. IT’S ALL ABOUT LANGUAGE Those of us who enjoy a spirit of advocacy just love the game in which, if I can prove you wrong then this proves me right. Logically, of course, this is flawed, for the demonstration that one point of view is ‘‘wrong’’ is not evidence that any other point of view is necessarily ‘‘right’’ – both could be equally ‘‘wrong’’ or inappropriate.

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