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By Diana Wynne Jones

Somebody at Stallery Mansion is altering the realm. initially, basically small information, however the adjustments get higher and larger. it really is as much as Conrad, a twelve-year-old with poor karma who is simply joined the mansion's employees, to determine who's at the back of it. yet he is not the single one snooping round. His fellow servant-in-training, Christopher Chant, is captivating, convinced, and from one other international, with a undertaking of his personal -- rescuing his pal, misplaced in another Stallery Mansion. Can they shop the day sooner than Conrad's lousy destiny catches up with them?

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Miss Semple was waiting to show us the undercroft. Christopher tried to sidle off then, but she turned and shot him a mild but all-seeing look and shook her head. He came glumly to heel. I followed her resignedly anyway. It was clear to me that I was here for a week, until Count Robert came back, so I thought I might as well learn my way about. The undercroft was vast. I had to be shown all over it again the next day because it was too big to take in that first time. All I remembered was a confusion of steams and scents from several kitchens and a laundry, and people in brown-and-gold uniform rushing about.

The rooms down there are used by the Family most of the time—drawing rooms, dining rooms, library, and so on—but Staff are not allowed to use these stairs. ” “Makes me want to slide down those banisters at once,” Christopher murmured as Hugo took us to a much narrower flight of stairs instead, which came out into the hall behind the Family lift. He pointed to the various big black doors and told us which was which, but he said we couldn’t look inside the rooms because Family might be using any one of them.

Her eyes went nervously to Mrs. Baldock. ” “Then I’ll ask you” Christopher said to Andrew. “Do you see any reason why this serving business should ever stop? We have supper now, so as to wait on the Family, and these charming young ladies have theirs at six-thirty in order to wait on us. And when they are waited on, those people must have to eat at six, and before that some other people have to eat earlier still in order to wait on them . ” Andrew laughed, but some of the other footmen were not amused.

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