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By Henriette van der Blom

This publication is ready the recognized Roman orator and statesman Cicero and his rhetorical and political method as a newcomer in Roman republican politics. Henriette van der Blom argues that Cicero marketed himself as a follower of selected types of behaviour from the prior - his function versions - and in flip awarded himself as a job version to others. This special approach offers clean insights into the political and literary profession of 1 of the best-known Romans, and into the
political discourse of the overdue Roman Republic.

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7 Cic. De or. 2; cf. De or. 191. 8 Cic. Leg. 13; Brut. 306; Amic. 1. Cf. Plut. Cic. 2. 9 Cic. De or. 1092 records a group of soldiers participating in Antonius’ Cilician campaign among whom ‘L. Tullius, M. ’ figures, that is, Cicero’s uncle L. Tullius Cicero. 10 The family occupied a house in the Carinae area, which Quintus took over when Cicero moved to the Palatine in 62 BC: Cic. Q Fr. 7; Plut. Cic. 8. For a short overview of Cicero’s education see Corbeill (2002a). 12 Cicero was also in contact with the other great orator of this period, M.

4 on page 58. Beck (2005) has examined the background of the consuls in the period 290–180 BC and reached similar conclusions. 32 Dugan (2005) 1. 33 No agreement has been reached as to a definition of homo novus. 35 The acknowledgement of the importance of allowing flexibility in the terminology in order to understand the political rhetoric of the late republic is valid and significant. As with nobilis, homo novus seems to have been a political-ideological term which could be employed in various ways according to purpose and context.

26 During the 80s BC, Cicero served on the staff of Pompeius Strabo, and probably met the son of the general, Cn. 28 Cicero does not emphasize this military aspect of his education, which normally formed an important step up the ladder for the politically aspiring young eques. 30 After his first civil and criminal cases, including the successful defence of Sextus Roscius of Ameria, which 21 Cic. Brut. 306; Plut. Cic. 1. Cic. Brut. 309; Acad. Pr. 115; Nat. D. 6. 23 Cic. De or. 104; Brut. 310. 24 Cic.

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