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By C. J. Cherryh

The sequence is determined within the comparable Alliance-Union universe of Downbelow Station, yet in a zone of area within the other way from Earth because the Alliance and Union. it truly is occupied through a few spacefaring civilizations sure by way of a collection of exchange treaties right into a so-called Compact. The Compact isn't a political association, and has no executive; it regulates in basic terms the open alternate and accessibility of house stations to all civilizations, leaving them to unravel their conflicts and politics among themselves.

Human house borders kif and knnn territory, the main competitive and enigmatic species of the Compact respectively. First touch ensues whilst an formidable kif hakkikt (prince) captures a human exploration send. The final surviving team member, Tully, escapes whereas the kif send is docked at a station and lands up at the satisfaction of Chanur, a hani service provider vessel commanded through Pyanfar Chanur. This triggers the occasions of the 1st novel within the sequence and its three-part sequel.

The books are written as strangely real looking area opera, with less ship-to-ship capturing than coercion, manipulation, politics, delight contests, and clashing monetary pursuits interspersed with species-to-species miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The reasonable dealing with of linguistic and mental obstacles is among the more desirable facets of the books (especially in comparison to the style as a whole). the nature improvement is one other, that's additionally heavily attached to the inter-species family. because the (usually involuntary) publicity of the characters to assorted cultures is going on, they're driven to probe alternative routes of thinking—and including consistent strain of either cost-efficient and instant probability that drives them to beginning new degrees of themselves. Even the "enemy" part is readily introduced from the extent of incomprehensible faceless hazard into viewing them as an impressive but admirable opponent. The books are a metaphor of breaking psychological boundaries, discovering oneself in adversity, and becoming above petty pursuits in the direction of international ideas and greatness.

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Hunter Pyanfar," he said. "Kkkt. Sit. ' "Same, hakkikt," Kesurinan said. And did not say: where is my captain? which was doubtless the burning question in her mind. w. c bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. 0 bu y rm er Y F T ra n sf o ABB PD er Y Pyanfar settled easily into another of the insect chairs and tucked her feet up kif-style as one of the skkukun brought her a cup, one of the ball-shaped, studded cups the kif favored, and another poured parini into it. Kesurinan had hesitated to sit: "You too," Sikkukkut said, and as Kesurinan took another of the chairs, next Pyanfar, he looked in Skkukuk's direction.

She bent over and raked her hands through her mane, conscious of the uncomfortable weight of the AP at her hip and the prodding of the gun in her opposite pocket. She stank. She wanted a bath. She wanted not to have done what she had done. Not to have made the mistakes she had made. Not to be Pyanfar Chanur at all, who was responsible for too much and too many mistakes. And who had now to think the unthinkable. " Tirun asked. She looked up at her cousin, her old friend. At a crewwoman who had been with her from her youth.

Tahar also has a bloodfeud with Ehrran. And Tahar interests are linked to mine. I'm her only hope of recovering her reputation. " "I also have a certain matter to settle with Goldtooth. A personal matter. And Jik is the best leverage on that. " There was a soft clicking about her, a stirring; and the guns were still live. " Sikkukkut placed his hands on the chair, lifting his jaw. " "Lying in that chair; and sitting in this one. And neither's inconsequential. Neither's without ties that go far beyond one ship and a small authority.

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