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This is useful in terms of the method of generation, but may be misleading because concentration does not always have a linear relationship with either density or viscosity. 2 shows that a gradient with an exponential concentration profile can be convex, concave or sigmoid in terms of viscosity. Sedimentation rate varies inversely as the viscosity and so particles are slowed down by the increasing viscous drag as they move down the gradient; in practice this is usually more important than density in determining centrifugation time.

Birnie and Harvey (1968) and Paris (1968) describe large-scale systems for zonal rotors; the apparatus of Hint on and Dobrota (1969) is similar but more flexible in operation, and uses a two-channel piston pump. The Searle Isograd (Searle Instruments, Harlow, Essex) is provided with a hand calculator for designing isokinetic gradients and estimating sedimentation coefficients. The Isograd has the further refinement of a tubeholder with a drive unit to raise or lower the dispensing tube evenly, to avoid disturbing the gradient.

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