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By J. Daams, A. Sonnenberg, T. Sakakura, J. Hilgers (auth.), Daniel Medina, William Kidwell, Gloria Heppner, Elizabeth Anderson (eds.)

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Moreover, the variant of Rama 25, Rama 259 which fails to complete the later stages of the droplet cell-alveolar-like pathway (94) also fails to reduce its DNA synthetic rate and tumor-formingability under the same conditions. Thus the effect of mammatrophic hormones, pregnancy (23,77), and agents such as vitamin A and the retinoids (132) in protecting the rat mammary gland from carcinogenic insult may be due to their ability to induce differentiation. This ability may be exerted either at an early stage (73) converting normal stem/cap cells in TEBs (122) to less susceptible, slower-growing differentiated cells (96,121), or at a later stage in the carcinogenic process (140) converting tumor stem cells (16,11B) to differentiated cells having lower tumorigenic potential.

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