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By J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (auth.), J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (eds.)

2. 2. Plant fabrics 2. three. Pregrowth stipulations 2. four. Cryoprotectant therapy 2. five. Freezing 2. five. 1. sluggish freezing 2. five. 2. swift freezing 2. five. three. Droplet freezing 2. 6. garage 2. 7. Thawing 2. eight. Viability trying out 2. nine. Post-thaw regrowth three. EXAMPLES OF CRYOPRESERVATION OF WOODY PLANT fabric four. strength software OF CRYOPRESERVATION IN TREE development 17. NURSERY dealing with OF PROPAGULES - J. A. motive force, and 320 G. R. L. Suttle 1. advent 2. advertisement NURSERY wishes VS. LABORATORY perform three. SEASONALITY OF development AND creation CYCLES four. MICROPROPAGATION strategies four. 1. tendencies in advertisement micropropagation four. 1. 1. agreement micropropagation five. elements AFFECTING SURVIVAL AND progress five. 1. Hardening of propagules in vitro five. 2. Greenhouse considerationS------ five. three. box planting five. four. New ways: Direct box rooting five. four. 1. Pretreatment in vitro five. four. 2. Root induction five. four. three. box placement 18. MYCORRHIZAE - R. ok. Dixon, and D. H. Marx 336 1. advent 2. function OF MYCORRHIZAE IN TREE development AND improvement three. creation and alertness OF ECTOMYCORRHIZAL FUNGUS INOCULUM three. 1. Bareroot inventory three. 2. Container-grown inventory four. box TRIALS WITH ECTOMYCORRHIZAL PLANTING inventory five. construction and alertness OF ENDOMYCORRHIZAL INOCULUM 6. box TRIALS WITH ENDOMYCORRHIZAL 7. learn possibilities eight. precis 351 19. TISSUE tradition APPLICATIUN TO wooded area PATHOLOGY AND PEST keep an eye on - A. M. Diner, and D. F. Karnosky 1. creation 2. HOST AND PATHOGEN: tradition AND problem 2. 1.

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BRIGHT SWJ, DH NORTHCOTE 1974 Protoplast regeneration from normal and bromodeoxuridine-resistant sycamore cells. J Cell Sci 16:445-463 7. BURGER DW, WP HACKETT 1981 Protoplast culture of several citrus tissues. Hortscience 16:417 8. BURGER DW, WP HACKETT 1982 The isolation, culture, and division of protoplasts from citrus cotyledons. Physiol Plant 56:324-328 9. CARLBERG I, K GLIMELIUS, T ERIKSSON 1983 Improved culture ability of potato protoplasts by use of activated charcoal. Plant Cell Rep 2:223-225 10.

It is likely therefore feature will be present in the green tissues of However to date no work has been reported forest trees. involving the use of photosynthetic cell suspension cultures and as yet no evidence has been found for the existence of ferredoxin in non-green cells (38, 67). The source of reducing power for nitrate assimilation has been investigated by Jessup and Fowler (43) thetic sycamore cells. Cultures were glutamate, and the carbon flux through pathway and glycolysis was estimated.

The number of reported cases where protoplasts from hardwoods and related species have formed cell walls, initiated division, and developed into self-perpetuating cell colonies is limited. Although the number of reports of protoplasts showing some division, usually from 2 to 16 cell colonies, is relatively large (Table 1), continued division is often not observed or reported. However, a significant enough number of reports of callus formation are available (Table 1) to indicate that protoplastderived callus formation is certainly possible with hardwood trees.

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