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By Greville G. Corbett (Ed.), Michael Noonan (Ed.)

The papers during this quantity could be grouped into wide, overlapping sessions: these dealing basically with case and people dealing basically with grammatical kinfolk. in regards to case, themes comprise descriptions of the case platforms of 2 Caucasian languages, the issues of making a choice on what percentage circumstances Russian has and even if Hungarian has a case approach in any respect, the problem of case-combining, the retention of the Read more...

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The accusative triggers stem allomorphy, to be discussed below. It’s worth mentioning that a number of the ‘adverbial’ suffixes not counted by Kiefer as cases also exhibit allomorphy and vowel harmony, for instance, the so-called comitative -stul, -stül, -ostul, -astul, -estül, -östül. Hungarian has no inflectional classes, so the same endings are used for all lexemes (but see below for case forms of pronouns). . Hungarian grammars use Latinized case names, but in the literature generally case terminology appears not to be fixed.

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