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By Catherine Lutz, Anne Lutz Fernandez

For many of the 20th century, America's love affair with the auto went unchallenged. gasoline costs have been stored low, ever extra roads and highways equipped and maintained, and this year's version consistently appeared a bit greater than final year's. Then, in particularly brief order, gasoline jumped to $4 a gallon, the housing bubble imploded and the present monetary challenge used to be upon us. all at once, motor vehicle proprietors had cause to question what's on standard, their greatest family price. Carjacked will get into the beef of America's obsession with autos and explodes fable after delusion alongside the best way. whereas the automobile's contribution to worldwide warming and the results of unstable fuel costs are is celebrated, the issues american citizens face on a daily basis as a result of their automobiles are even more frequent and but less identified - from the fantastic $14,000 in line with yr that the typical vehicle bills to possess to the uptick of incidences of weight problems and bronchial asthma that automobile possession likely explanations to the greater than 6 million vehicle injuries a yr at a value of $230 billion. Carjacked sheds new gentle at the complicated influence of the car on American society and indicates us tips to boost a brand new and more healthy relationship with vehicles, a dating that's either more cost-effective and greener.

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