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By Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari

What everyone is announcing approximately C# 4.0 in a Nutshell
"C# 4.0 in a Nutshell is without doubt one of the few books I keep it up my table as a brief reference. it's a ebook I recommend." --Scott Guthrie, company vp, .NET Developer Platform, Microsoft company
"A must-read for a concise yet thorough exam of the parallel programming positive factors within the .NET Framework 4." --Stephen Toub, Parallel Computing Platform software supervisor, Microsoft
"This significant ebook is a smart reference for builders of all levels." -- Chris Burrows, C# Compiler workforce, Microsoft

when you've got questions about how you can use C# 4.0 or the .NET CLR, this hugely acclaimed bestseller has exactly the solutions you would like. Uniquely prepared round thoughts and use circumstances, this fourth variation comprises in-depth insurance of latest C# subject matters corresponding to parallel programming, code contracts, dynamic programming, safety, and COM interoperability. You'll additionally locate up-to-date details on LINQ, together with examples that paintings with either LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework. This publication has the entire crucial info to maintain you heading in the right direction with C# 4.0. * wake up to hurry on C# language fundamentals, together with syntax, varieties, and variables
* discover complicated themes corresponding to hazardous code and preprocessor directives
* research C# 4.0 positive aspects reminiscent of dynamic binding, kind parameter variance, and non-compulsory and named parameters
* paintings with .NET 4's wealthy set of positive aspects for parallel programming, code contracts, and the code safeguard model
* study .NET issues, together with XML, collections, I/O and networking, reminiscence administration, mirrored image, attributes, safeguard, and local interoperability

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Syntax C# syntax is based on C and C++ syntax. WriteLine (x); } } Identifiers and Keywords Identifiers are names that programmers choose for their classes, methods, variables, and so on. These are the identifiers in our example program, in the order they appear: System Test Main x Console WriteLine An identifier must be a whole word, essentially made up of Unicode characters starting with a letter or underscore. C# identifiers are case-sensitive. , MyMethod). Keywords are names reserved by the compiler that you can’t use as identifiers.

For example, consider creating an array of integers. Since int is a value type, this allocates 1,000 integers in one contiguous block of memory. Write (a[123]); 32 | Chapter 2: C# Language Basics // 0 Value types versus reference types Whether an array element type is a value type or a reference type has important performance implications. When the element type is a value type, each element value is allocated as part of the array. For example: public struct Point { public int X, Y; } ... X; // 0 Had Point been a class, creating the array would have merely allocated 1,000 null references: public class Point { public int X, Y; } ...

By default, this happens silently—no exception is thrown. Although the C# specification is agnostic as to the result of an overflow, the CLR always causes wraparound behavior. MaxValue); // True Integral arithmetic overflow check operators The checked operator tells the runtime to generate an OverflowException rather than failing silently when an integral expression or statement exceeds the arithmetic limits of that type. The checked operator affects expressions with the ++, −−, +, − (binary and unary), *, /, and explicit conversion operators between integral types.

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