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Cosmologies in the Making: A Generative Approach to Cultural Variation in Inner New Guinea

In studying the adjustments that experience taken position within the mystery cosmological lore transmitted in male initiation ceremonies one of the Mountain okay of internal New Guinea, this e-book deals a brand new method of explaining how cultural swap happens. Professor Barth specializes in accounting for the neighborhood adaptations in cosmological traditions that exist one of the okay humans, who differently proportion mostly comparable cultures.

The Trouble With Culture: How Computers Are Calming the Culture Wars

How the pc revolution can ease polarization and support calm the tradition wars.

Continuity and Change in Cultural Adaptation to Mountain Environments: From Prehistory to Contemporary Threats

Up earlier, mountain ecosystems haven't been heavily reports through social scientists as they don't supply a simply outlined set of difficulties for human exploitation as, do for example, tropical forests or arctic habitats. however the archaeological facts had proven that people were residing during this kind of habitat for hundreds of thousands of 12 months.

The Cultural Work of the Late Nineteenth-Century Hostess: Annie Adams Fields and Mary Gladstone Drew

The Cultural paintings of the overdue Nineteenth-Century Hostess explores the impression well-placed, lively girls had on literary and political tradition within the U. S. and in England within the years 1870-1920. Fields, an American, used to be first married to James T. Fields, a well known Boston writer; after his dying she grew to become better half to Sarah Orne Jewett, one of many leading New England writers.

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Surinamers, Chinezen en Turken. Weesp: Het wereldvenster. Verstrate, Lianne (2006), Eén wijk, vele gezichten. Een onderzoek naar interculturele contacten in de Nijmeegse wijk Willemskwartier, MA thesis Social and Behavioural Sciences. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit. W. Guide, The (1949), Amsterdam the gateway to Europe. Amsterdam: The World’s Window. Wallagh, B. & Lood van Bennekom (1953), Amsterdam bij avond. Amsterdam: De Kern. ), Amsterdam. De jaren 70 foto’s, 109-125. Amsterdam: Tiebosch Uitgeversmaatschappij Amsterdam.

Its rise in Amsterdam has to do with the coming together of several eco41 nomic and socio-cultural developments. In the following I trace these developments, concentrating on the rise of ‘ethnic’ restaurants in Amsterdam. The city may be seen as an innovator, an early adopter of eating habits that were to become more common in the Netherlands as a whole after the 1960s. This chapter focuses on the dynamic mutual influence between the arrival of foreign immigrants coming to live and work in Amsterdam and the city’s changing eating habits.

This retail and catering business was dominated by female cooks. The demand for Chinese restaurant food rose as well. The promising market attracted a new group of Chinese from Hong Kong and, from the late 1970s, directly from the mainland. They came to Amsterdam over the years through ‘chain migration’, invited by their Chinese relatives or friends in the Dutch catering sector to help in the kitchen. The new immigrants first hoped to learn from 47 their compatriots, and then to open restaurants of their own.

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