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By Alexander L. Kaufman

The medieval outlaws of england hold a carry at the present-day mind's eye, judging by way of their presence in literature and on movie. Exploring the character of either old and fictional outlaws, those twelve severe essays survey the literary, old, and cultural environments that produced them, particularly the medieval and early sleek sessions. Divided into 3 elements, the textual content examines the ancient files of actual outlawed women and men and the illustration of Jews in medieval Britain as attainable outlaws, outlaws linked particularly with Wales, and the preferred determine of Robin Hood and the context of the past due medieval poems and performs that function him as a admired determine.

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So the legal historian J. G. 56 This may have been the motivation of Wulf bold if he believed that his father’s property had been unjustly, if not illegally, usurped by his stepmother. It was certainly the choice made by Fouke le fitz Waryn, a baron of the Welsh March during the reign of King John. When he was frustrated in his attempts to pursue a property claim with John, Fouke renounced his oath of fealty and took to the forest as an outlaw, fighting a guerilla war until he forced the king to concede the land.

He was the first to fix boundaries of land and build a city, fortifying it with walls and constraining his clan to congregate in one place. * * * Thus within Adam’s lifetime, the descendants of Cain went to depths of depravity, and, inheriting and imitating one another’s vices, each ended worse than the last. 90 St. Augustine took up this idea and expanded it in his City of God, where he divided humankind into two categories, those who live according to the law of God and those who live according to the desires of man.

4: 11–12) L AW A N D T H E N A R R A T I V E O F O U T L AW R Y 31 Here the term ut-lage replaces the flema of Genesis A, ref lecting the preferred usage of Middle English, and the poem makes the legal implications explicit: Cain fears being killed with impunity. This version of the story also represents a potential conf lict in the Genesis text. After “Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelled in the land of wandering to the east of Eden [egressusque Cain a facie Domini habitavit in terra profugus ad orientalem plagam Eden]” (4:16), it states that Cain “built a city [aedificavit civitatem]” (4:17).

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