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Ockleford and Munn, 1980, and Section II,B,S,a). , 1977). , 1977) may be contributory. + 2. Composition and Organization of Lysosomes a. Enzymic Constituents. The pivotal biochemical studies of de Duve and colleagues led to the initial characterization of lysosomes as membrane-limited intracellular organelles sequestering acid hydrolases (cf. de Duve and Wattiaux, 1966; de Duve, 1969; Bainton, 1981). More than 70 different enzymes with a wide variety of substrate specificities are now known to occur in lysosomes of one or more cell types (cf.

1971), inhibits phagocytosis and macropinocytosis (Allison, 1973; Ockleford and Munn, 1980) but elicits only slight (Munthe-Kaas, 1977) or no (Allison and Davies, 1974a; Nagura and Asai, 1976) inhibition of micropinocytosis involving either smooth or coated vesicles. Thus, the generation of smooth and coated microvesicles from plasma membrane emerges as a process less dependent on metabolic energy supply and subplasmalemmal mechanoeffector systems than other forms of endocytosis. Evidence for the premise that specific binding of certain macromolecules to plasmalemmal receptors must precede uptake into a given endocytotic transport system originated from studies in several areas.

Rat adrenocortical sections SEM; TEM, the latter with aid of HRP Lo er al. (1979) ICC Nolin (1980a) Reticularis and fasciculata, cytoplasm positive; glomerulosa, also in nuclei and on nuclear membrane Cultured human fibroblasts Autoradiography (TEM) Evidence for lysosomal association Human epitheloid-carcinoma cells (A-431) As above Autoradiography; fluorescence microscopy TEM Carpenter and Cohen (1976)"; Gordon et a l . (1978b)" Haigler et al. (1978)" Haigler et al. (1979a,b) Specific binding sites; confirmation of progressive uptake into MVB Blockade by ACTH 1-24: no cross-reactivity with pMSH, @endorphin, plipotropin, met- or leu-enkephalin PM internalization via pits and endocytotic vesicles (continued) TABLE 111 (Continued) Ligand [marker] Target cell(s) Cnteria Reference Comment Epinephrine W- Tetrahymem pyriformis LM; TEM Csaba er a / .

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