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By F. Pietra

This, the latest contribution to the Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence, presents an built-in evaluate of the variety of ordinary items in terms of biodiversity. the continued exploitation of organic assets, whereas conserving an efficient equilibrium on the earth, relies a lot at the conservation of biodiversity. To this finish, components one and specialize in biodiversity from all viewpoints, whereas explaining the hyperlink with average items. The 3rd part concentrates at the molecular-shape point, as a hyperlink to environment and biodiversity, whereas the fourth part tackles real functionalization, as a hyperlink to biodiversity at species point. half 5 addresses the diversification of those assets from biotechnology and chemical know-how, whereas the ultimate half is anxious with holding ordinary product range on the earth.

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49. 39). ) Boerema, Dorenb.

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33) O,TERP. Moll. 40) Part 111. 32). ic: amphidinols (Amphidinium klebsii, Dinofl. from Japan: Murata 1999); rubrosides and related aurantosides (Siliquariaspongiajaponica, Lithistida, Porif. , Japan: Sata 1999); macrolides: eeklonialactones (Laminariales, Phaeoph. from Oregon and Japan: Todd 1994); goniodomins (Goniodoma pseudogonyaulax, Dinofl. , Bact. from Moll. , from fish, Japan: Takahashi 1994). MACROLIDES ACARBOCYCLIC MACROLACTAMSO N O N amphidinol Dim>ft. 1) O N ~ < gonkadomins O " ~ N .

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