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By Charles Sheffield

After the Nuclear Spasm within the twenty first century, homo sapiens was once extinct, keep for a tiny remnant scattered in small, primitive area colonies. before everything sunlight Humanity had just one objective: survival. but if the conflict for lifestyles was once received, humankind all started relocating outward in gradual, multi-generation area ships, and as then millennia handed, planet-based civilisations emerged in lots of famous person structures. within the yr 27,698 A.D, to those new worlds come the Immortals, beings with unusual ties to old Earth, who appear to stay without end, who can shuttle gentle years in days - and who use their unusual powers to regulate the lifestyles of standard mortals. on the earth Pentecost, a small crew units out to discover and problem the Immortals. yet within the seek they themselves are replaced: as Immortals, they find a new danger, not only to themselves, yet to the galaxy itself.

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