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By Stephen R. Lawhead

It has been fortold: within the hour of Britain's maximum desire, King Arthur will go back to rescue his people.

In Portugal, the reprobate King Edward the 9th has died through his personal hand.

In England, a gloomy situation conceived by way of the power-hungry major Minister, Thomas Waring, is ready to be learned: the complete destruction of the British monarchy within the twenty-first century.

And within the Scottish Highlands, a magical emissary named Mr. Embries--better referred to as ''Merlin''--informs a tender captain that he's subsequent in line to occupy the throne. For James Arthur Stuart isn't the commoner he has continually believed himself to be--he is Arthur, the mythical King of summer time, reborn. however the highway to England's salvation is rocky and unsafe, with robust ready to ambush: Waring and his ruthless political machine...and the brokers of an historic, way more powerful evil. For Arthur isn't the just one who has again from the mists of legend. And Merlin's magic isn't the in simple terms sorcery that has survived the centuries.

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For some reason, and against his better judgment, James believed him. Worn down, his natural resistance low from fighting the case on his own, perhaps the offer of help, from whatever quarter, seemed too good to reject out of hand. After all, he thought, what else did he have going for him? In that moment, James decided to take Embries at his word. “All right,” he agreed. 36 / Stephen R. Lawhead “Good. Now then, it would be best if you did not travel alone. You need a companion, someone you can trust.

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