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By J. F. A. K. Van Benthem (auth.), Uwe Mönnich (eds.)

This quantity constitutes the lawsuits of a workshop on formal seman­ tics of traditional languages which used to be held in Tiibingen from the first to the third of December 1977. Its major physique contains revised types of lots of the papers provided on that social gathering. 3 supplementary papers (those via Gabbay and Sma by means of) are incorporated simply because they appear to be of specific curiosity of their respective fields. the world lined by means of the paintings of students engaged in philosophical good judgment and the formal research of average languages testifies to the dwell­ liness in these disciplines. it can were most unlikely to try at an entire documentation of suitable study in the limits imposed via a brief convention while focus on a unmarried subject might have conveyed the misunderstanding of uniformity overseas to a tender and lively box. it really is was hoping that the essays gathered during this quantity strike an affordable stability among the 2 extremes. the themes mentioned the following definitely belong to an important ones having fun with the eye of linguists and philosophers alike: the research of stressful in formal and normal languages (van Benthem, Gabbay), the speedy increasing area of generalized quantifiers (Goldblatt), the matter of vagueness (Kamp), the attached parts of pronominal reference (Smaby) and presupposition (von Stechow) and, final yet now not least, modal good judgment as a type of all-embracing theoretical framework (Bressan). The workshop which resulted in this assortment shaped a part of the actions celebrating the five hundredth anniversary of Tiibingen University.

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12)1 2 concern also the descriptions in EU. Following substantially Frege, it i~ natural to take a;c+ 1 as the QE denoted in the f-case y by any description in ML: that fails to fulfill its condition of exact uniqueness in y. 1 We say that J is a c-valuation or a valuation for the constants etn' and Y is a v-valuation, or a valuation for the variables vtn ofML: (MU) relative to D l' ... , Dv + 1 if J and Yare functions defined (only) on the constants or variables respectively of this language, such that J(ctn)EQl t , Y(vtn)EQIJor nEZ+ and tEr:(r V).

V). aiEF 1\ (x)xEF(e)] (t = 1,00', v) holds in the present semantics in that the individual domains Dl to Dv have the same cardinality in all f-cases. In [1, N25] a slightly modified semantics is sketched for which this axiom, unlike the preceding ones, fails to be valid: nor is it valid in MLoo~see [2J. 16~ 17 on classes and functions can be strengthened into the following theorems~cf. [1, (46)] on p. 166~in both Me; and Me. ,xJ="~. --.. ----. N8 The interpreted modal language ML:(MLV)obtainedfrom ML:(MLV) by referring quantification and predication to extensional entities instead of intensional ones.

1-3 (O)cp ~ cpcp, (0 )cpl/I ~ cp, (0)( cp ~ 1/1) ~ [ "-' (1/1 X) ~ "-' (Xcp)]. 4 (O)V .... (cp ~ 1/1) 0 (V .... CP ~ V.... 1/1). 5 (O)(cp:::J "tP):::J (0 CP:::J 0 tP). 7 (O)cp:::J 0 cp if cp is modally closed (Def. 1). 8 (O)(VJ¢(VJ:::J ¢(M-cf. 1.

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