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The Na 24 turnover at 0° C. indicated that about 20% of the Na+ was exchangeable only with some difficulty, unless substrates such as fumarate or ketoglutarate were available. 41 Transport of Inorganic lations Table IX. Maintenance of Ionic Content of Sheep Kidney-Cortex Particulates in vitro. ) Treatment and Additions Concentration ratios (particles/medium) Na+ K+ Aerobic; no addition pyruvate, 5 mM. . . ATP,lmM . . . both pyruvate and ATP. 05 Anaerobic; no addition pyruvate, 5 mM. . . ATP, lmM .

With external levels above 20 flg. of P per liter, the intake in Strongylocentrotus was not concentration-dependent, so that saturation of some other limiting factor is apparent. CHAMBERS and WHITE (1954) noted that in the fertilized eggs the flux calculated from p32 uptake equalled the net uptake, so that the efflux must be negligible. Here again it is likely that chemical fixation of the phosphate is obscuring study of the actual transport process. -Changes in the "permeability" of microorganisms to fluoride ions have sometimes been suggested in interpreting observed changes in the inhibitory effects of this anion.

Elfect of metabolic inhibitors on K + accumulation and respiration, as in Fig. 12. In alI experiments, acetate was provided at 10 mM. (Courtesy of G. H. 5. AEBI (1953) compared a variety of lilammalian tissue slices in this type of experiment, and found the kidney by far the most active in accumulat- 39 Transport of Inorganic Cations Table VIII. _'t1etabolism and Maintenance of Water and Electrolyte Distribution ill Guinea-Pig Kidney-Cortex Slices. 7 flM/g. of K+ 11M /g. 7 37° C. Anaerobic 0° C.

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