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7 "Paris. From Our Own Correspondent Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 10 "Paris. From Our Own Correspondent. —A Military Execution. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 13 "Paris. From Our Own Correspondent On Some New State Maxims in France. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 14 "Paris. -— The Strasburg Conspiracy. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 18 "Paris. —The Motion of M. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 19 "Paris. From Our Own Correspondent. —The Spy System in Switzerland and at Strasburg. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 21 "Paris.

Ray 1: 281-82] Writing to FitzGerald, who, with Tennyson, is visiting Spedding in the Lake Country, Thackeray tells of receiving good letters from his painter friends, Daniel Maclise, George Cattermole, and John Frederick Lewis, and mentions his continuing hopes for the Constantinople position, which "will give me a handsome income for a year and fill my sketch book into the bargain—perhaps I might make a bargain with Charles Heath for a Picturesque Annual" [Ray 1: 287]. Thackeray's hopes proved vain, however, for he did not visit the Near East until 1844, when, during his trip, he saw Lewis in Egypt.

M. Guizot's Recantation—Berryer and Thiers—The Choice of Dupin. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 24 "Paris. (From Our Own Correspondent) The Victory of the Ministry—The Strasburg Verdict. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 28 "Paris. —Ministerial 38 A William Makepeace Thackeray Chronology Quarrels. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. 31 "Paris. From Our Own Correspondent. Jan. " Signed "T. , p. [3]. February 3 (Fri) "Foreign Correspondence. Paris, January 31. )" Signed "T. , p. [4]. 8 "Foreign Correspondence. Paris, February 5.

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