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By J Leighton Wilson

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Read Online or Download A grammar of the Mpongwe language : with vocabularies: by the missionaries of the A.B.C.F.M. Gaboon Mission, Western Africa. PDF

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Metaphor and Thought

Metaphor and idea displays the surge of curiosity in and examine into the character and serve as of metaphor in language and suggestion. Philosophers, psychologists, linguists, and educators bring up severe questions about the viability of the conventional contrast among the literal and the metaphorical, discussing difficulties starting from the definition of metaphor to its position in language acquistion, studying, medical considering, and the production of social coverage.

Loan Verbs in Maltese: A Descriptive and Comparative Study

Severed from its father or mother language and from the opposite vernaculars, in addition to from the Islamic tradition and faith, the peripheral Arabic dialect of Malta has for the final 9 centuries been uncovered to large-scale touch with Medieval Sicilian, Italian and, later, English. sleek Maltese hence contains a nice mass of borrowed phrases.

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This publication is a study monograph that explores the consequences of the most powerful minimalist thesis from an antisymmetric point of view. 3 empirical domain names are investigated: nominal root compounds in German and English, nominal gerunds in English and their German opposite numbers, and small clauses in Russian and English.

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