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By Timothy Feist

Skolt Saami is an japanese Saami language in the Uralic kinfolk. This grammar provides an outline of the phonology, morphology and syntax of Skolt Saami, paying specific awareness to its hugely complicated morphophonological and inflectional structures. perception into the constitution of Skolt Saami discourse is supplied through 4 glossed texts. This grammar will function a huge software for theoretical linguists and typologists in addition to source for the language neighborhood and others drawn to Saami languages.

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That the voiced plosives in Skolt Saami are only partially voiced is less critical from a perception standpoint given that their voiceless counterparts usually occur with preaspiration, which may serve as a phonetic cue of voicelessness. An example of the degree of preaspiration and voicing seen in a voiced and voiceless plosive, respectively, is illustrated below by way of two spectrograms. 3SG' (Figure 6), the voicing of the intervocalic velar plosive is only sustained for approximately half the duration of the closure, as indicated by the arrow.

Is considerably further forward than /k/, but clearly further back than /t/, so that it sounds as if there were features of both /k/ and /t/ in the same sound. " [Translation my own]. This description of the position of the tongue, combined with the reference to its sounding intermediate in quality between /t/ and /k/, would seem to indicate that the authors are in fact describing the palatal plosive /c/—albeit in a rather cumbersome manner, due to the fact that this sound could not be compared to a similar sound in a language with which the target audience might be familiar, such as Finnish.

Transcriptions of any examples given in this grammar from other Saami languages or Proto-Saami forms are based on the transcriptions provided in the Álgu database and may not represent the current orthography of the language in question. Elicitation recordings were made using an Edirol R-09 (Roland Corporation) WAVE/MP3 solid state digital recorder, with recordings made onto a Secure Digital (SD) memory card. A Sony ECM-MS907, uni-directional digital stereo microphone was also used. 1) integrated set of software tools for linguistic fieldwork.

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