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By Alice R. Gaby

This grammar deals a accomplished description of Kuuk Thaayorre, a Paman language spoken at the west coast of Cape York Peninsula, Australia. The Paman languages of Cape York have lengthy been well-known for his or her exhibition of substantial phonological, semantic and morphosyntactic swap (e.g. Hale 1964, Dixon 1980). but there has earlier been no released complete reference grammar of a language from this region (some very good dictionaries, theses and comic strip grammars although, e.g. corridor 1972, Alpher 1973, 1991, Crowley 1983, Kilham et al. 1986, Sutton 1995, Smith & Johnson 2000).

On the foundation of elicited information, narrative and semi-spontaneous dialog recorded among 2002 and 2008, in addition to archival fabrics, this grammar info the phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexical and constructional semantics and pragmatics of 1 of the few indigenous Australian languages nonetheless used as a major technique of verbal exchange. Kuuk Thaayorre possesses good points of typological curiosity at each one of those levels.

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For instance, the fact that Thaayorre verbs are reduplicated by infixation creates a conflict between the Leipzig convention of segmenting a reduplicative morpheme by a tilde (followed by its functional gloss), and the convention of representing infixation by triangular brackets. 4). Other divergences from the Leipzig Glossing Rules are justified where introduced. Most example sentences are translated into English by me, though this has usually been informed by discussions with native speakers.

The permissible phonotactic structures of these monosyllables can be summarised as in (41). (41) V: CV:(C)(C) (C)VC(C) CVCCC Each of the monosyllables generated by (41) is exemplified in Table 4. 32 Matisoff (1973:86) coined the term “sesquisyllable” (literally, ‘one-and-a-half syllables’) to refer to words that are phonetically disyllabic, but for which the vowel of the first syllable is epenthetic rather than phonemic (and therefore omitted most practical orthographies). I find it useful to apply this term to the syllable structure of many Thaayorre words, although in these cases it is the vowel of the second syllable that is extremely reduced and non-phonemic.

4 Index of consultants and collaborators The example sentences quoted in this grammar were uttered by dozens of people in numerous speech contexts. Not all of the people who worked with me wanted their utterances to be attributed to them in this written document. Many others, however, were keen to be identified along with quotations of their speech. They are listed in Table 1, along with the initials that index them in the last line of example sentences herein. AC Alfred Charlie ACh Alice Chillagoe AJ Albert Jack AP Alice Peter DJ Donald Joe DW Donald William EC Edna Charlie EF Esther Foote FT Freddy Tyore GJ Gilbert Jack GN Georgina Norman IC Ivy Conrad ICh Irene Charlie JC John Coleman JCo Jocelyn Coleman LC Leonie Chillagoe LN Elizabeth Norman ME Molly Edwards NE Ned Edwards Table 1.

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