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Let t = t1 at this instant. 70), t1 = t0 U + I Ji . 69) having been employed in the manipulation. Equation (2. 71) gives the time which elapses before the particle returns to the point of projection. The reader should show that in this case, the terminal velocity is vgfk. 42 A C O U R S E I N A P P L I E D MATHEMAT I C S (CH. The engine of a motor car produces a power P when the car is running on the level at velocity v, where p = A (nvfu)� , (nvfu)s where A and u are constants, and n is the gear ratio which is being used.

Show that it describes the equiangular spiral r = 1 7. O. ) A particle moves in a plane so that the velocity components along and perpendicular to the radius vector from a fixed origin are c tan �6 and c respectively, where c is a constant. Show that the particle describes a parabola, and show that its acceleration is constant in magnitude and direction. ) 1] 18. 19 KINEMATICS O F A PARTICLE A particle starts from the origin with velocity u i n the direction of the initial line and moves with constant angular velocity c:u about the origin and with constant radial component of acceleration uw inwards.

Rectilinear Motion of a Particle Suppose a particle of mass m is in motion along a straight line. 1), so also will the vector representing the force acting upon it. Let 0 be a fixed point on the line and let P be the position of the particle at time t (Fig. 4). Let 0 P = x, x being reckoned positive 0 m ------- (}' p F FIG. -Motion Along the x-Axis when P is on one side of 0 and negative when P lies on the other side . If v is the speed of P, v = dxjdt = i and v is positive if x is increasing. Let F be the magnitude of the force acting on P, F being given a positive sign if it acts in the direction in which x increases.

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